The Platform

  • Why Pilates?

    - Improves posture
    - Increases strength, flexibility, and mobility of the spine
    - Increases strength and tones the core and back
    - Develops fluidity of movement
    - Increases body awareness, neuromuscular activity, coordination, and balance
    - Helps relieve stress
    - Decreases pain (back, neck, shoulders, hips, and knees)
    - Prevents or helps to re-educate current injuries linked to muscle imbalances
    - Helps with lung health and circulation

  • If I don't have gym equipment at home, can I still participate in the classes?

    If you don't have gym equipment at home, no worries! You can substitute the following equipment with these household items :

    - Pilates Ball : small cushion, roll of toilet paper
    - Weights : cans
    - Gliders : small towel, socks

    All accessories used in our classes can be purchased on our online store, Boutique Set.

  • Things to know before taking your first online class!

    Before your first live class, make sure you have the required equipment and a full water bottle!

  • How do I create a favorites list?

    Select a video and click the ADD TO FAVORITES heart icon under the video. To unfavorite a video, click the heart again and it will remove it from your favorites.

  • How can I change my password?

    Once you are signed in, go to MY ACCOUNT and click PASSWORD. From here you can change your password.

  • I clicked the FORGOT MY PASSWORD reset link but I didn't receive the email, what do I do?

    First, try looking in your spam and your adjacent inbox folders. Also, make sure that the email you’re checking is the same as the one used on your account. If you're still at square one, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll assist you in getting back in.

  • My video playback is not running smoothly, what can I do?

    Make sure that your browser and operating systems are up to date with the latest version.

    Try watching a video from another browser or device, as some older devices do not have the same video playback capabilities as newer models. (The Google Chrome browser has the best video playback capabilities.)

    Also make sure that you do not have any active plug-ins on b.home fitness (like an ad or pop-up blocker). If you still experience issues after trying these solutions, contact [email protected]

  • I am pregnant, what classes can I take?

    You can choose from our specifically-made prenatal classes or from the regular classes that are labeled "prenatal safe." It is important to know that every day of pregnancy is different, to listen to yourself and to respect your limits.

  • What if I don't feel comfortable?

    Listen to yourself and stop training.

  • I had a baby in the last year, what classes can I take?

    It is important to get the green light from your doctor to return to training. After which, you can choose from our specifically-made postpartum classes with or without your little one or from our regular classes that are labeled "postpartum safe." It is important to know that every recovery is different, to respect your limits, and to be patient and kind to yourself.

Subscription and Trial Questions

  • What do I get as a Set On the Net subscriber?

    As a subscriber, you get access to the entire published library of on-demand videos! You will also get access to challenges and weekly personalized schedules.

    By signing up for a one year subscription, you get a an in-studio or virtual private class.

    *Videos are subject to be removed from the platform without notice.

  • How does payment work for my subscription?

    Your subscription will be charged to your credit card the first day of your billing cycle and will renew automatically at the end of the subscription duration. For example, a Monthly subscription will renew every month and has a Monthly billing cycle. A 6 month subscription renews every 6 months and has a bi-annual billing cycle.

  • How does the free trial work?

    We offer a generous 14 day unlimited free trial to test out the platform! Take as many classes, of as many styles as you want. After the 14 day free trial, the subscription you have selected will be charged to your credit card if it has not been cancelled by you in the MY ACCOUNT section of your profile.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    Cancel your subscription anytime by going to MY ACCOUNT - BILLING - Cancel Membership. You will have access to your subscription until the last day of the current billing cycle.

  • Why isn’t my promotional code working?

    Only one promotional code can be applied per order.

More Information

    • All prices listed are in Canadian dollars.
    • Local sales tax will be charged on all Canadian subscriptions.