Guest Pilates Teacher

Brittany Murphy

Founder & Instructor of Fine Tune Pilates

Brittany is forever thinking about Pilates and bio-mechanics in an effort to deepen the connection to her own body and to discover new ways to communicate movement with others.

She is passionate, curious, and empathetic in a way that makes her easy to connect with. Her 12 years of traditional Pilates teaching experience are informed by contemporary research around other movement modalities, rehab protocols for the spine and major joints, trauma, pelvic floor health, and the nervous system.

She has spent the bulk of her career connecting with individuals and working one-on-one to support people and their unique bodies through Pilates and body-positive coaching. Brittany loves a lot of music, you can hear some of her favs on the Fine Tune playlists. Her favourite exercises are pelvic tilts and tucks because she believes it can lead you anywhere in movement.