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    Workshop - Meditation and Loving Kindness

    • Workshop - Meditation and Loving Kindness


In this simple and heartfelt session, André will first guide you through some basic breathing techniques to prepare your body and mind for the core of the Meta Bhavana or Loving Kindness practice. The essence of loving kindness is simple, well wishes for ourselves and all beings. This age-old practice may seem overly flowery and perhaps 'kitsch', but it's benefits are profound. Positive and loving affirmations have a powerful effect on our emotional and mental state, similar to gratitude-based practices. Feelings of compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and general contentment and happiness are a few of the reported effects of a regular loving kindness practice, not to mention the release of negative emotions and thoughts.

  • Level: All Levels

  • Pace: Slow

  • Focus: Meditation

  • Body Area: N/A

  • Accessories: Yoga bloc (optional)

  • Duration: 30m