Get the scoop on your scoop with this express 15 minute workout with Allyson. Dare to go deeper in your imprint for lower pelvic control.

  • Level: All Levels

  • Pace: Slow

  • Body Area: Core, Abs

  • Accessoires: Ball, Mat

  • Duration: 15m

Class curriculum

  • 1

    Pilates Scoop the Scoop

    • Express Pilates - Scoop the Scoop


Pilates Teacher

Allyson Manta

Allyson Manta is trained in the Polestar Pilates method, based in Miami, USA. She discovered Pilates with its introduction into Cirque du Soleil, when she was working as a choreographer and artistic director for this international company. Her life as a dancer always infuses her classes with organic, graceful combinations, and classical sequences. With over thirty years of teaching movement, dance, Pilates and yoga to athletes, actors and dancers, her experience is felt in her sensitive and in-depth knowledge of the body. A love of fitness and spiritual wellness guides her personal practice as well as her teaching.