Good news: baby is cooperating! Here's part two of a gentle postnatal Pilates workout, with or without baby.

  • Level: Postnatal

  • Pace: Slow

  • Focus: Toning

  • Body Area: Arms, Abs, Glutes

  • Accessories: Weights, Ball

  • Duration: 15m

Class curriculum

  • 1

    Pilates Postnatal #2 (Fr)

    • Pilates Postnatal #2 (In French)


Pilates and Barre teacher

Maude Hébert

Having been trained as an actor, Maude has always loved movement and dance.

Throughout her childhood she practised Jazz ballet until she discovered acting. She decided to become a Certified Booty Barre teacher because she fell in love with the playfulness and diverse types of disciplines and dynamics that Bootybarre training combines. Maude recently finished her Pilates mat training where she discovered with passion all the power of the human body. In her free time, Maude practices many sports that she loves to talk about, such as cross country skiing, racquetball, cycling and her most recent discovery; Hockey. She has been teaching at Studio Set since 2019 and takes great pleasure in choosing each song for her classes playlists.