This 15-minute class targets your abdominal muscles through sitting, lying down, hand and foot exercises.

  • Level: All Levels

  • Pace: Fast

  • Body Area: Core

  • Accessories: Chair

  • Duration: 15m

Class curriculum

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    Express Pilates - Abs

    • Express Pilates - Abs


Pilates & Barre Instructor

Isabelle Boulanger

Born in Montreal, Isabelle studied dance at EDCMTL - Montreal's School of Contemporary Dance until she graduated in May 2011.

Standing out with her "pop" style and her impressive physical abilities, she collaborated with renowned artists such as Ariane Moffatt, Milk & Bone and duo of directors Vallée Duhamel. In addition to her dance career, Isabelle is passionate about physical training, moving bodies, and postural alignment. She first worked as a personal trainer which developed her ability to analyze body movements, however her love for Pilates quickly led her to complete her STOTT training. She is now very enthusiastic about sharing her energy and passion with her clients!