Start your Pilates journey right by learning the foundations of Pilates with Geneviève! In this short 15 minutes class, you will learn the importance of applying the 5 basic Pilates principles to every exercises you'll do. She'll thouroughly explain breathing technique and pelvis, rib cage, scapulas and cervical spine placements - ensuring your Pilates success!

  • Level: Beginner, Safe for Prenatal

  • Pace: Slow

  • Accessories: Mat

  • Duration: 15m

Class curriculum

  • 1

    5 Pilates Basic Principles (In French)

    • 5 Pilates Basic Principles (In French)


Co-founder and Pilates & Barre Teacher

Geneviève Bolla

Born in Montreal, Geneviève started dancing at a very young age. She completed her training at l'École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec, and at 17 years old joined the Jeune Ballet du Québec. She then went on to dance professionally for Mandala Situ, Cas Public, Manon fait de la danse, and Dave St-Pierre, with whom she performed locally in Quebec and internationally.

It was after teaching at numerous studios around Montreal that she decided to open Studio set with her business partner, Miriah Brennan. Her experience in dance and Pilates has provided her the insight to be able to help clients reach their goals, while respecting their physical and personal limits, find harmony and balance within the body, and improve posture.